5 ways to wear a button down

Hi blog hey,

Happy October! I’m finally back! The last couple weeks were a bit stressful. I had to prep for my nonprofit, Painted Pink’s annual fundraiser and now I’m waist deep in the job application process.

I’m finally sharing this converted jean shirt and pleated skirt look. As I’ve mentioned, a collared shirt is one of the most versatile items in your closet. Today I’m sharing a few different ways to wear one. This How-to has actually been months in the making. I will follow up with a video.

I paired this one in particular with a pleated Zara skirt and my DIY pom pom clutch and black tassel earrings (both in my Etsy).

I got this Zara skirt on sale ($19.99) and it’s sold out, so here are others under $50. This one, that one, this one too.


1. In this look, I turned the button down into a tube top with a flare. I didn’t put my arms in and buttoned starting at the bust. Then I crossed the arms on the front and tied the bottom.

2. A halter top. For this look once you create a tube top, tie the arms around your neck. This is prob one of the most unique looks you can do and I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone else wearing it.

3. A simple tube top. Instead of tying the arms in the front, tie them in the back for a clean look.

4. Like a wrap top. This one is still work appropriate and still gives a stepped up dress shirt look. Use a larger button down, don’t button the last few buttons and then twist the top before tucking it in.

5. Off one or both shoulders, the classic button down remix made famous by Rihanna. I find that this works best with an oversized collared shirt so it’s still comfortably buttoned with shoulders out. Button the shirt with your shoulders out. Then tie the ends or tuck the front in and leave the back out. You can fold in the collar so it’s not visible or you can leave it out. This is such an easy look and it transforms a simple shirt and jeans into a chic number.

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