Mustard Striped Dress

Hi loves,

Today has been so enriching! I am full. I first attended the beginning of the 21 Summit by 21 Ninety and it was way more than I imagined.

It opened with the host, my bestie in my head, Kéla Walker. Her energy is so fresh! Then she introduced Morgan, the founder of 21 Ninety, CEO of Blavity, and also is in charge of Travel Noire!

Then we did a few minutes of meditation with a yoga guru. Next to my surprise, we learned a dance to “Grown Woman”, can you imagine dancing in a conference setting!

After, we broke out into sessions. I, of course, went to Myliek Teele, who is definition of girl/curl boss. She was transparent is sharing how she is not #goals since becoming a mom which was super comforting to hear her discuss her struggles and she dropped gems on her journey.

My major takeaways:

1. When going to events have a game-plan of who you want to meet and don’t let it just be the keynote speakers. It could be connecting with fellow female entrepreneur attendees, which should be the most fruitful. Also when you do meet the honorees remember the rule of three. First meeting introduce yourself. Second time, say ” hey, I meet you at _.”By the third encounter, they should remember you and you should bring up a way to connect.

2. “Act with intent” – Where you start doesn’t have to be where you remain. In this age of social media, we have to remember those who have “made it”, once were beginners and did not know how to do it. Take comfort in knowing everyone’s path is unique.

3. An attitude adjustment may be a necessary change that you need. Myliek shared how she realized she was angry all the time. Once getting the correction by her bestie, Myliek has the difficult task of self-correcting and overall living better.

And that was all just in the morning session! I also got to see Mattie James, who I love as I exited. She’s such a gem as well and gives great advice.

Once I left, I headed to my sissy’s wedding venue walk through. It was so gorg! They had baked personalized cookies and I enjoyed lunch with the fam and my sister’s besties. Afterwards, we headed to Winnie Couture and Annie said YES to her wedding dress!! It was such an amazing moment and milestone for her wedding. It’s so surreal!


We all wore yellow and had our bride wear white.

I got this dress from Fashion Nova! Can you believe? Nearly all yellow dresses were sold out from ASOS. Fashion Nova also always has discount codes so it was a great price. The one thing I will say is, it is mustard instead of yellow. I love the style!

This bamboo bag is the “in” summer bag. The way I saw gals with it at the summit. Get yours too from Amazon.

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