5 Tips for Bridal Gifts

When it comes to all things wedding, bridal party and Bach related, Instagram has taken the game to another level. For the first time, I’m in a season in which this applies to me! I’m honored to be my sister’s maid of honor and I’m sharing tips from her bridesmaid proposal that I’ll employ for her Bach. Even though I knew Annie’s engagement was looming, we were all very surprised to have a front seat to her proposal at her 30th birthday dinner. I’m blessed to have witnessed her special moment and to assist her through the whole wedding process. As this probably will be the only time I’ll have the title of “maid of honor,” I’m diving all in to make it personal to her and her “A-Team.”

My sister, Ann Marie, is an event planner (@amaexperience) and thus she has created many bachelorette boxes and trips so I was so excited to see what she would use for her bridal party invites. This also means I’m faced with ensuring all of my planning is ON par and different from what she’s done.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, maid of honor, or bridesmaid, here are 5 tips to think about when creating gifts, that are not only post-worthy, but also meaningful and don’t break the bank.

Everyone loves a bottle of bubbly and a “will be my bridesmaid” card, but you can make it a bit more unique.


Besides including a hand written note- a must!- you should also have an aspect of the gift that is unique to that special gal in your tribe. My sister included magnets with photos of each of us. It’s a reminder of your sisterhood and the magnet serves as a daily reminder of the impending wedding events. It’s something so simple and inexpensive, and yet it gives all the feels! This is one of my fav photos of us.


Everyone loves personalized items. My sister included a cute travel cup with a straw that has our names in gold calligraphy. In addition, the boxes have everyone’s name hand written by a calligrapher, which gives it an added sweet touch. We also all got gold personalized nameplate necklaces. Those nameplates are one of my sister’s favorite items, and a signature gift of hers, so she kept to true to herself with the edition. That’s also something to keep in mind. Don’t just go with what’s in or on pinterest. You should include an aspect that is true to you, that will also serve as a reminder that it’s from you!

When it comes to asking the maid of honor, her gift should be a bit different so my proposal included rose gold studs, a tray, and a different box. It’s important to take the time to let her’s stand out so she feels extra special like her role! This of course also goes for the maid of honor when doing bachelorette gifts and any other wedding event gifts and ensuring the bride’s gifts are special from the rest.


This is one of my favorite parts! As this is a gift, you should include items with which she can decorate her space. Once again, if it’s a daily use item, she will always be thinking of this honored ask. The personalized boxes that Annie included are reusable. It now brightens up my bathroom along with the gold and white tray! Another option would be using a gift box that’s made of a sturdier material and personalized that she will want to use as storage. The cups and jewelry will also be in her rotation.


The theme of this bridal party proposal is “Proverbs 27:17” which is a beautiful verse on sharpening each other’s swords. Annie chose this to be symbolic of sisterhood during the wedding process, as well as afterwards, maintaining the bond and supporting her marriage. Annie had this verse engraved on one side of our necklaces and then included a small sign that has the full verse on the back. The sign was also handwritten. Anything handmade, regardless if you do it yourself or not, feels more special.


As you know, I am a lover of Do-it-yourselves. I get so much peace and joy of creating something. Whatever you chose to DIY creates a sweet sentiment and will also save you money. Like many of us, Annie wanted those white rose boxes that all over the gram. Clearly they were out of budget, so she made her own version with small storage boxes from The Container Store. Cut roses adorned the inside of the lucite boxes and the calligraphy personalization was the icing on top. If I do say so myself, the box was lovely and more personal than the ones all the celebs have. I plan on adding faux roses inside and maybe a bit of incense. Everyone loves getting flowers so this is a stellar idea and then she has the choice of reusing the box how she wishes afterwards.  

There are so many options and inspo online, but make it unique. Prep for wedding parties can be a daunting task if you’re not a planner, or a DIYer. Never fret because Pinterest is there to inspire you and you can always enlist Etsy-ers to bring it to life along with your own personal touch. It’s also really important to factor in early how much you will be spending on gifts as EVERYTHING related to weddings really costs and you most like will be creating gifts for a few babes.

Hope this was helpful! Soon I will be drawing inspiration and ideating how I will do her bach gifts and Bridal shower and I will for sure blog on it.



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