DIY Pink Fringe Sandals

Just in time for MDW, summer’s unofficial start, I’m sharing this fringe sandal DIY. Praises that the NY weather is finally permitting open toe shoes. I’m so ready to be click, clacking around the City! This is another edition to my DIY shoe collection (see my DIY tab for the others) and I’m back again with fringe, this time pink. I’ve been seeing variations of this style everywhere and here’s how you can make them for under $20!

I found these plain sandals at Forever 21 for $10. They always have sales and you can pick them up in store to save on shipping. (Similar, but also see there sale sandals)

The fringe is from Amazon. They have a variety of colors.

The only tools needed is scissors and a strong craft glue. You can also use hot glue and reinforce with super glue.

I recorded the process and posted it to my page, and here’s a step by step tutorial.

1. Measure the length of trimming across the top of the sandal strap.

2.Cut the trimming and then proceed to glue it the length of the shoe. Once finished gluing, cut the trimming at the end.

3. Repeat. Create additional layers of trimming, being sure to measure for spacing before gluing.

4. After the sandal strap is full, trim the sides.

5. Do the other shoe.

Voilà, you have a cute pair of summer sandals. This was simple and didn’t require major craft skills. Summer is already an expensive time from vacas, happy hours , summer threads so you might as well save where you can.

More DIYs to come!

Thanks for reading!


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