Wedding guest inspired: big sleeves

Don’t know about you, but I’m still on a love high from the royal wedding!

My Royal Wedding synopsis: (Scroll for my dress picks)

It was regal, ethereal, and also soulful -thanks to the amazing bishop from Chicago who got in an MLK quote, the crazy-talented violinist and that choir. I mean did you ever think ‘Stand by Me’ and the prim British monarchy could ever go together… that is not until Meghan Markle. As the bishop preached, the looks on everyone’s face were priceless, Prince William chuckled, Meghan and Harry exchanged a look, and Mama Oprah had to lean in to receive the message!

Their union speaks to how incredible the power of love is and it was so fitting that the bishop preached that message as it brought them together against all odds. If you think about just how one in a million their story is, Meghan’s an American, first and foremost, I most certainly always thought they’d keep it British. It was already a big deal that Kate was a commoner. On top of that she’s biracial, divorced, an actress, AND older than the Prince. Wowza! Shoutout to the mutual friend and matchmaker of the decade who set up Meghan and Harry.

I loved when Harry whispered to Meghan “You look amazing. I’m so lucky!”- *swoons*

That photo circulating of Meghan sitting outside buckingham palace as a 15 year old tourist, goes to show how our wildest dreams can come true. LOVE WINS!

I also throughly enjoyed how star studded the nuptials were. I woke up exactly at 7am as Meghan was about to enter and so I got a recap of celeb entrances on my phone, but I saw that some people had started watching a little bit before 6AM! You lot are devoted!

That devotion reminds me of the last royal wedding for William and Kate. I remember I had a sleepover with my high school besties. We slept in movie chairs so we wouldn’t miss a peep and then went to school late! That was when I fell in love with all of the pomp and circumstance. It was also when I first learned how magnificently chic a fascinator truly is. I love all of the timeless photos of late lady Diana and love that there are once again young royal women.

Royal wedding fashion review:

I did a critique on my instastory and these are my overall thoughts. Meghan’s looks were a bit simplier than I was anticipating, I thought she’d have a little lace. One critique that I do think is valid is that her dresses seemed a size too large.

I also adored seeing her mother Doris with her locks and nose ring! I have to note that some of the guests didn’t look like they were attending THE Royal wedding. I thought Priyanka stole the show!


If you’re going to witness love this summer, royal wedding or non, my style pick is big sleeves. You can never go wrong with a midi-length dress with this sleeve style. It exudes elegance and can be dressed up more if it’s an evening wedding.

The dress that I’m wearing is from Little Lace, an Australian brand. I wore it for Easter, it was my back up for my nonprofit Painted Pink’s Breast Cancer Bruncheon. It was so lovely and it’s unfortunately no longer in stock.

Funny story, you know how in church you have to stand up and sit down a few times, well on one of those instances I split my dress a little! And on the walk to the car, women kept coming up and whispering to alert me lol. I had to eventually hold my purse over it the rest of the way. As much as I love this dress, I’ve come to terms with the fact that the hips are a bit narrow, so once it’s fixed I’ll add it to my poshmark.

These are my DIY tassels and they’re now in my Etsy.


ASOS is currently having a 20% off everything.

Here are my big sleeve wedding guest picks from them:

This red one

Teal dress – fun summer shade

From other brands:

A mini version of mine.

Ruffle sleeves and drama

And the slightly less dramatic version

Happy wedding season!

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