Party Look: Green Velvet Dress

Happy New Year loves! Twelve days in already. I’m finally sharing the details of this NYE look. Thanks to the NYC train delays I’m getting it done. New year, same commute issues…

Last year I wrote a thorough year in review for 2016, but couldn’t find the theme of my 2017. I felt like it was a first building block as my first year working full time. Overall, I just want to maintain the same end game, but change up my game plan.

This was my first new year’s since I was a preteen that I haven’t spent in Ghana! While it was very different, I didn’t ring it in in church and then stay out til AM, I got the opportunity to go with a more wintery vibe outfit. But I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t the same. We went to a party and at midnight it seemed that there was a technical difficulty because the ballons that had bundled at the top never fell. Talk about anticlimactic! and I also had no one to kiss when the clock struck… I missed how the countdown at the crossover church service in Ghana ends with fireworks, I have yet to see any fireworks!

But nevertheless, my New Years night was a new experience. I thought it was cold in ATL, but I was in for quite a surprise upon returning to the City. The first week of 2018 was so frigid, it interrupted my whole flow, but now it feels like summer in the 50s!

I have a love affair with velvet! I’m so glad that I got to wear this green number. It was New Years, but I was still Christmas AF with my red shoes. Best part is, it looks luxe and was under $50. In fact it’s now sale for under $30. It has an amazing body hugging silhouette. This is the first I’ve worn both a deep V and slit, -2k18 called for a first! To top it off, I added this crystal lariat that momma had. Here are similar, this, that, and this one. It adds the right touch of glam. I also added these tassel earrings and the DIY will be up next.

Here’s a good year full of growth, love and light!

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