Ghana Recap

Each year, I look forward to the holidays and spending time in Accra, my second home. My experiences this Christmas were quite special. The highlights: attending inaugural events, the beach, and playing tourist.

I kept seeing tourist pics at this Osu Hotel and I was determined to get one as well. The lettering is so dope, but it’s right in front of a car park. There’s bound to be a car or motobike blocking some of the sign. In hindsight, the best way to get the pic would be for an extreme angle from the last “A”. Now-a-days, due to all the travel social pages, you get so much travel inspo it’s important to get ideas of places to visit and pictures to snap, but come with a little bit of strategy and an open mind, because it more than likely won’t turn out exactly the same.

During my trip, I spent a day at Bojo Beach. I love that you have to cross the bay before you get the beach. You get into a long motor boat to cross it and the process can be a little shaky.

There were so many fisherman hard at work. It was cool to see their methods- like a beach-length assembly line to pull in the net or removing their clothes  before boarding a large fishing boat (there must be a strategy for this).

One thing I love about the beach, is the fresh seafood. The lobster and prawns are divine. The lobsters are a different variation than the ones in the US. They have more spikes on the shell.

Another signature, is the palm frond roofs , you can find these on at the beach and on summer huts (like gazebos).

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