Ghana Inauguration

Last month, I had the great honor of attending the Ghana Inauguration. It was a cultural experience like no other! Everyone with a seated ticket came in their traditional attire, so it was a rich of sea of reds, greens, golds, and blues from the kente and traditional fabrics. In additional,the scene was highlighted by the gold accessories of the many chiefs and queen mothers in attendance, and the backdrop was a ripple of red, white, and blue NPP gear worn by the fervent audience in the risers. I love Ashanti culture!

As Akan tradition, kente is the rich,traditional fabric that is made from the villages and filled with rich shades, Adinkra symbols, and patterns. The women wore variations of the “kaba and slit” (top and skirt- usual style for women) and men with the fabric worn over one shoulder.

I don’t think that I have ever worn kente before and it had me feeling regal. For the longest, I have been wanting to get an outfit made. In this case, I didn’t realize I was attending until the day before so momma hooked me up. I’m wearing her “kaba.” The matching slit did not fit, so in thirty-minutes momma transformed the shawl into a shorter skirt for me. Talk about skills!

The day was so historic and incredible from the dancers, drums, cheers, to watching the oath, but it was sweltering! If I did not have that fan, I don’t know how I would have made it lol. Our seats were half covered, half in the sun and the barricade was broken by excited supporters so the body heat in the area was real. All in all, it was most definitely a day for the books that I will always cherish, but can’t say if I would do it again.

Family- Momma Ro, cousin and uncle
Love this pic of my cousin greeting her dad, Mr. President.

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