Ghana: All White Affairs

One of the things that I love about Ghana is that attire is taken very seriously. Events are a cultural staple and it is imperative that you come correct. The social calendar, especially during the holiday season, is full with multiple events. Most occasions call for a specific dress code: traditional wear, cocktail, black tie, or a color scheme, white in particular.

It’s safe to say that white is Ghanaians’ favorite color. It looks good on everyone and is the color for new beginning and celebration. From engagements, to New Year’s and other holidays, birthdays, christenings, political celebrations, to even just Sundays, white is the way to go. Unless of course another color has been noted on the invitation. Easy Ghana rule of thumb: when in doubt, go with white!

This holiday, I went to a few events and they were all marked with a marque (tent), grass and floral photo backdrop, personalized favors, and cute centerpieces to make them memorable.

I went to my niece’s christening and it was nothing short of sweet to match the reason for the celebration. And you guessed it, it was an all white affair.

I wore this off-the-shoulder, midi ASOS dress that was my graduation dress.  I have to say, I was quite proud that I rewore it, because I have a bougie habit of only wearing occasion pieces once and then listing them to my poshmark. I know, I know… ‘who do I think I am?’So this was a step in a good direction. I paired it with these orange Aquazurra “Wild Thing” sandals and, of course, a blingy choker (available in my shop!).


I also went to an engagement, another all white affair, and it was so lovely! I seem to not have saved my Insta-story with the pictures of the decor.


I loved the favors of soap, shea butter, and a wash cloth, all with the wedding logo. This was such a cute, unisex gift.

These grass backdrops are so in! I love them. My white look was a skirt from Naked Wardrobe, got it for $15- they have frequent sales- and momma’s off -the-shoulder top with flower embellishment, and Kate Spade palm tree sandals that I got from Santa.


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