Jordan Year- Mid Year Reflection

23 candles! I turned twenty-three on July 1. January marks my half birthday. Even though, it’s a bit extra to celebrate mid-year, it’s helpful to reflect on the year so far. Each birthday, we make a wish/prayer when we blow out our candles.This checkin helps with accountability to ensure we’re on the road to fulfilling our desires for the year. Progress only happens when you plant the seeds. For year 23, I wanted to resolve my job search, figure out where I’d relocate, live more in the moment, and become financially independent. I’m thankful to say that I’m on my way there. I summed up my last year in my New Year reflections post. Here’s to the second half of 23 – growing and glowing!

I love having a summer birthday. I spent the day doing a few of my favorite things, brunching and hanging on a rooftop. These gold mylar balloons are everything and I’m so glad that I finally got some. Best believe, I carried them around the whole day. I kept them attached to keep track of them and of course got asked “Is it 23 or 32?” -like I don’t already feel grown -and then the person would come closer and be like oh “I realize you must only be 23.” LOL I went to Bread & Butterfly for brunch. It’s a cute French-inspired cafe and it’s in a nice area of Inman Park in ATL. Later I went to the Rooftop at the Renaissance Hotel. It’s super fun and in the summers. They have a dope dj on the rooftop at happy hour.

Afterwards, I walked up the street to this fun bar that had yummy watermelon margs for only $5. Usually when drinks come out of the machine, like strawberry daquiris, but this suprising were not.  I need to find the name of the place.

I got this red jumpsuit from Nasty Gal along with the necklace. The slides are from ASOS. I liked the multi-way jumpsuit except for the fact that it was about an inch shorter than I would have liked. This was the first time that I had an issue with the length on a regular length outfit, so I added it to my Poshmark closet.

Those balloons were just calling for a photoshoot!


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