6 Travel Must-Haves

Here are some of my carry-on must-haves from my holiday break in Ghana.


1. Olly Vitamins– I just started using them and they’re so yummy. I also have the vibrant skin ones. They come in citrus or berry flavored gummies and they’re packed with tons of good stuff. Also available at Target.


2. Passport cover- I’ve been wanting one of the longest. I got this in a kit with a luggage tag from TJ Maxx for $8.


3. Blingy choker- ‘All about the bling’. I made a couple more of this style. Now available on my Shop. I love a glam outfit accent.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 12.36.18 AM.png

4. ILNP nail polish– I love the unicorn/ chrome nail trend. I just discovered this dope brand that has polishes in holographic shades. It costs a bit more than regular polish but it’s vegan and looks like a professional mani. Coming soon- my DIY on chrome nails.


5. Tula moisturizer – True Life: I’m a skin care junkie and I have dry skin. I just started using this hydrating moisturizer with probiotics.  I’m always trying new products, especially moisturizers to find one that provides lasting hydration. So far so good! It’s a bit of a splurge, but it comes highly rated. I love the light, but creamy texture. It leaves my face so smooth. It was great for applying while traveling, that higher altitude dryness is real ,and in the harmattan. (Ghana has two seasons. Currently West Africa is in the windy, hazy season named from the dry and dusty winds blowing from the Sahara Dessert.) The real test will be how it holds up against this NYC chill.


6. ASOS hat (sold out but similar here)- Both functional and stylish, I love a wide brim hat. The site has cute ones like this with ribbons for the low low. Try $13.


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