The Stop Online Piracy Act bill scare was so alarming! I’m so glad that so many Reps were against the cause. The plans for the bill have been temporally postponed. THe bill would enable law enforcement to be able to control the sharing of copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. This would mean there could be court ordered ban on certain advertising, buying from unproved sites, and even prevent search engines from listing this infringing sites. It would mean that posting copyrighted material on the net could result with a five year jail sentence. 7000 sites including major websites like Google and Wikipedia went black in hopes to get people to inform their congressmen that they were against the bill. There was also PIPA the Protect IP Act in the Senate. I agree with the majority and think this is a blatent intrusion on free speech! It’s censorship! The Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade is a bill that is the proposed alternative. A few days later the online movie and television show streamer Megaupload was taken down and many of its staff was charged with infringement. Strangely enough Swiss Beats is the owner but he was not charged with anything. There goes free films! Law Makers are getting serious about this issue!

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