Oh Mona!

The Mona Lisa is located on a central wall in a large rectangular room in the Louvre populated with many other paintings on the perimeter walls. It is smaller than expected probably because you look at it behind a 5 foot barricade. The tourist craze is to get is the selfie with Mona of course. … More Oh Mona!


For a class trip with NYU Paris we went to Lyon! It was such a cute town with the river running through. It is an ideal college town with open spaces, garden statutes, and views of the hilly backdrop. We did a tour through the town that gradually rose higher into the hills and mountains. … More Lyon


For junior year, I studied abroad at NYU in Paris. It was one of my most fulfilling experiences. It was definitely hard at first adjusting to the culture, language as many only spoke French, and living on my own, but I loved learning about Parisian life and culture. I took this picture in the Tuileries … More Paris!!