BAck to Black

Cue the Amy Winehouse… I changed my hair color again! I went back to black after long hiatus! This time I did the top part a garnet! Its ombre I left some of it the bleached brown to match my roots so there’s a fun color scheme! I also love animal print here I’m wearing … More BAck to Black

DIY Shorts

To make these shorts I took a pair of thrift high waist jeans, needle and ┬áthread, some African print, pedicure file, scissors,and a soap dish. These took a little bit of time to make because the ripping takes a little bit of tedious time so I’d keep coming back to it. I first cut the … More DIY Shorts

Beauty Corner!

Sooo I started watching BeautyBYJJ Jennie Jenkins on youtube and following her and I really enjoyed her makeup and hair tutorials!!! She’s so fab!   I recently got this Costal Scents 88 Shades Palette from my sissy and I’ve been trying to make some exciting eye designs!! I love it! I love vivid color and … More Beauty Corner!

DIYY Shoess!

I’m finally getting back into crafts and I recently mad these!!! I love all the African Prints and I made these with fabric and a button and good ol hot glue/ Krazy glue. It took maybe ten minutes and I even made some for traditional African sandals to sell. I will soon be making more … More DIYY Shoess!