DIY Shorts

To make these shorts I took a pair of thrift high waist jeans, needle and  thread, some African print, pedicure file, scissors,and a soap dish. These took a little bit of time to make because the ripping takes a little bit of tedious time so I’d keep coming back to it. I first cut the jeans. Then I placed the soap dish on the inside of the cut-offs where I’d want to distress the jeans. I then used the pedicure file to rub the  fibers of the jean to distress it. Depending on how I rubbed webs came out or holes. then I added the embellishment the scraps of fabric by cutting it into pieces and sewing it on. Then from the bottom I pulled  the fibers and then kept unralving but it took just a little bit of time. Then I rubbed the belt loops and back pockets for a final touch! Finally I washed it for the full distressing to take place! Voila funn original summa shorts!

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