I was reading the latest Seventeen Mag and had a pleasant surprise to see a selection of Levi’s clothes for back to school. While I interned there we pulled these pieces for the back to school wardrobe of college students theme! So exciting to actually see it!

I recently saw June Ambrose Instagram this pic of her assistant and it brought me back to a crazy incident I had while interning! I know his struggle! I along with another intern had the exciting task of transporting an overly-packed rack of garment and shopping bags all the way to Soho from Time Square during Fashion Week! We had to wheel the rack in evening rush hour to the main street in Time Square where we had to combat the lackadaisical tourists and employees hurrying into subways and fend for an hour trying to attempt to hail a cab! Uhh I’m just getting stressed reliving it. People were pushing and walking into us mindlessly as I tried to navigate the back of the rack! Steering it into the streets and back up onto the sidewalks was a journey alone before our hour wait trying to get a cab! Finally an NYPD officer had to stand in the middle of the street with his hand up in front of an oncoming cab in order to get him to stop for us!!! Then we finally got to Soho the cab couldn’t go down the street of the hotel! So once again we had to push the rack up hill to the Soho Grand Hotel! and then finally we were able to deliver it to a hotel room! It was quite an experience one I’ll never forget! Fashion is not forgiving! These experiences have showed me how much it really takes to work in fashion but I know when I finally get to whatever future publicity position I’ll not take it for granted!

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