DIY Pink Tassel Earrings

I’m sharing my latest DIY for making glam looking tassel earrings for the low. It seems like every outfitter you go to is selling tassel earrings, some are well-priced and others are quite pricey.  I found the materials on Amazon and it took just a few minutes. I posted a video on Instagram of how I made them and here are the steps.


Pearl, rhinestone buttons –  they come in a package of 8

Tricolor tassels– there’s a range of colors and they came in a set of two

Larger jump rings – a size down from these 16mm would also work

Earring backs– they come in a large packet


I used a jewelry crimper/pliers, but regular pliers or steady hands and scissors could work

Hot Glue

Super Glue to reinforce the hot glue or you can just use super glue. This is necessary to ensure it’s secure.

Step 1:

Remove the hanging loop from the tassels.

Step 2:

Open the jump ring and then precisely push the tassel onto the jump ring. Make sure that the ring is evenly positioned and decide which side will be the front of the earrings. If there are stray strings, you can push them onto the ring or trim them.

Step 3:

Take the rhinestone button and attach it on the jump ring. Then using the jewelry plier (or alternative) carefully close the jump ring and make sure it is secure. Let the closing be towards the back.

Step 4:

Glue the earring stem onto the back of the earrings with hot glue then reinforce with super glue. Hold it down for a few seconds to ensure the glue dries and it’s secure.

Step 5:

Repeat on the other earring and double check that the earrings look even (adjust the loop position if necessary).

So in just a few moments, you have a pair of glitzy earrings!

I wore these on Easter and I got compliments! Give it a try!

I can’t wait to order some rhinestone button and tassel variations! I’m considering adding these to my Etsy if I feel that I master them. Stay tuned!

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