4 Ways to make the most of Spring

Spring is a season marked with renewal so I’m sharing 4 ways to truly bloom this season. Winter always puts me in a funk and I’m doing a few things to bring some light to new this season.

About this look: I found this maroon top and clutch in the Zara sale. The jeans are Fashionnova and the oxfords are also from Zara.

Chokers are in my shop!

How to brighten your Spring!

1. Reorganize/ feng shui you space

Spring cleaning as they call it will bring some light into your life. Do a deep clean and then get rid of clutter by adding more storage boxes and clear organizers from Ikea and Home Goods for all your little bits and beauty items. Being able to easily navigate all your things is so refreshing. Maybe move some things around to make your space more functional. In addition, add a plant/flowers the color will bring warmth to your space. Faux is ok, because regular watering is another other task. Find a small inspirational sign like your favorite verse and add it to your bedside or bathroom so it’s the first thing that you see. I will post how I jazz up my space.

2. Clean out your closet and then treat yourself to a few pieces

If you’re like me and live in NY, it’s important to only keep pieces in your closet that you’re wearing. List pieces to sites like Poshmark and then use the funds towards a few seasonal pieces like patterned blouses and embellished mules (if the weather will ever allow) because we all love wearing that new new. My guide for selling clothes online

3. Treat yourself to a beauty treatment

I am nail DIYer (above pic) but last week I got treated to a mani/ pedi at work and it was so soothing. After having your toes in boots for months it’s nice to give them some much needed TLC. Also do something different with your hair. I’m trying cornrows and box braids.

4. Kick up your workout routine

If you currently have a good routine switch it up! I do class pass and am going to do a plan at one of the studios that I really like! Working out always calms me and improves my mood. Plus summer is around the corner!

Here’s to a Spring season of love and light!

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