Spring Transition: Cape look

Oh snow, we’ve got to stop meeting like this! Even though it’s date official, Spring is far from insight! Outside my window is a white blanket. Speaking of blanket, I’m transitioning seasons in this cape/acceptable-blanket-you-can-wear-out look.

This snow storm was the fourth “Nor’easter” to hit this year, but it really was the second that lived up to the hype. I fortunately got to leave work early! (Praises) The other two recent ones, were the worst because they didn’t start til midday and didn’t have enough gusto for a snow day just slush… Oh NYC living!

About the look: A rule that I live by, ASOS sale is your friend. I found this cape on sale for $13 along with this pompom hat. Because if you have to wear waterproof shoes, might as well find cute ones. I just traded in my “butters” for these black and velvet trimmed Timberland boots. Jeans are from Fashionnova and this Gucci belt I got from Woodbury.

Praying we at least have sunnier days, after months of this winter it gets a bit dreary. But as they say after the winter, comes the flowers. Don’t know about you but I’m ready to bloom and be renewed this Spirng!

My cape is sold out but checkout these:

Similar gray, checkered, yellow

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