Sequin Sheer High Slit Skirt

For night two in Mexico, I brought the drama with this sheer and sequin maxi skirt, get it here. I was not quite sure how sheer the skirt would be, but I didn’t feel over exposed with the built in bloomers; they gave good coverage.

It was like this skirt was made for the KiraKira app (that app that adds the gleaming reflections to videos). For the all the embellishment this skirt entails, I was pleasantly surprised that it was $50. Plus Hot Miami Styles frequently has discounts codes so I got it for a bit off. I topped it off with this white bodysuit from Naked Wardrobe and my favorite mules from ASOS.

The night’s agenda involved this ritzy club, Strana, think all VIP couch sections (no dance floor), confetti from the ceiling, glow-in-the-dark cups, dance remixes and masked bottle girls/guys. To our luck, it was just across the street from our resort. To my amazement, bottles were about half the price of table serve in the US, needless to say our group enjoyed themselves…some more than others.

The inexpensive nature was a trend a noticed at the club and the mall nearby. Think new architecture with a European flair but without the price tags. Puerto Vallarta is a bit of a gem. Although, I must point out that the only person of color (black) that I saw was a hostess in the club. My group got a lot of attention because we really stood out lol.

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