DIY Hoop Tassel Earrings

Tassels are all the rage and they make for fun statement jewelry. These styles are everywhere and some are a little pricey so I’m sharing how to DIY a hoop pair. It takes just a few minutes and I would definitely rate it as easy.

What’s needed:

Tassels from a craft store or Amazon (cause I’d rather just wait the two days lol)

Hoop earring base for earring making ( I already had, but you can find at a craft store)

Small Beads (used copper ones from Michael’s)


1. Using a work area like a tray, pour out a few beads. Begin stringing them onto the hoop to just less than half of the hoop.

2. Cut the hanging loop from the top of the tassel. Then add the tassel onto the hoop.

3. Add beads to fill up the last half of the necklace. Then repeat on the other hoop.

It takes just a few minutes and voila, you have statement earrings! These would make a nice and cost efficient Xmas gift.

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