Red Off the Shoulder & Turban

Since I can remember, my mom’s signature has been a hair tie  and a bright lip. I’ve come to know this combo as you’re “ready to go.”

I love the colors of this ankara turban paired with the red of this holiday-ready maxi. You can use any scrap of fabric or even a piece of clothing to make hair ties. The story behind this one: My sister was using this fabric for pillows for an AMA Experience. I used the scraps to make chokers, and the leftovers I wrapped up for this high turban.

Get creative, stand tall, and wear your crown!

The cold shoulder has proven to be an ongoing trend. The shoulder ties are a fun addition on this sheer overlay ASOS dress and you could tuck them in for a strapless look. I got it on sale for under $30! Unfortunately it’s sold out. Double slits make for a fun look!

This was the first choker that I made!
I’m also loving embellished flats. These are from ALDO.

I’m not sure why, but I had my momma snap these photos in the peak afternoon of a June day. Needless to say, she was not pleased to be in the heat playing photog. The dress even started sticking to my legs. Hindsight is 20/20! Note to self: Take photos in warm weather in the early morning or evening. I can’t wait to get a good cell phone or camera tripod. Cause ain’t nobody got time to be snapping these lewks!

I can’t wait to finally wear this outfit this Christmas holiday…Yes, I just wore it to just take pictures for the blog.

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