Summer Style: Denim Dress

  Temperatures in Dubai were over a 100 degrees! This outfit was functional for the climate and on trend with summer style. This season, dresses and tops in shades of denim is a popular look. I love the open back,looser fit, and light material of the Zara maxi. It kept me from melting, but I will say it got me a few looks from the locals who have a traditional and conservative Arabic dress lol. The heat made me do it! I got the hat for $13 from ASOS. It kept me cool, but was also a bit hot underneath.The look was about $50. $53 to be exact. You always want new clothes for vacation so its important to budget well, especially because you might not be wearing this style repeatedly. This is also true for trends, you don’t want to splurge too much on these pieces.

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