5 of My Favorite Things

1. I got this mini iPad a couple months ago. I love that it is so light in comparison to my laptop. If only I had this during undergrad for my Netflix study breaks lol.

2.I am trying to read more often. Right now, I am finishing up Diane Von Furstenberg’s The Woman I wanted to Be autobiography. I am amazed to learn what a truly exciting life she has lived and how she came to be the icon she is today. Next up, I will be reading Shonda Rhime’s Year of Yes. It is a great practice to read books by people you look up to in order to learn about their motivations and road blocks that lead them to success.

3.Bauble Bar has become my favorite destination for jewelry. I love this brand because they have great email marketing. Nearly everyday I get an email highlighting different pieces that I feel I just have to have. They also have a good rewards program and frequent sales. They have everything from a wide array of jeweled collar necklaces to personalized pieces.

4.The large gold cuff with the cracked stone, I got from TJ Maxx but Bauble Bar has a similar collection.

 5.Matte Lips by Colour Pop are some of my favorite lips. The LA based company has a great branding. It is affordable, influential, and has a variety of shades. The brand started out with just lip products and and they are continuing to  expand. Lippies, pencils, and liquid lips are $5-6 each in comparison to $20 a pop like a majority of it’s competitors. Beauty vloggers and influencers are getting their own collections with the brand which is augmenting its brand visibility. I only like matte lips and Colour Pop offers a variety of shades. My top three matte liquid lips are Zipper, a vibrant purple; Limbo, a chocolate shade (pictured below), and LAX, a dark red.

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