Celeb Fashion: All White Affair

FullSizeRender (12)1429904715_tina-knowles-wedding-zoom

Absolutely everything. This family continues to stunt with their amazing all white attire weddings. As if Solange’s white New Orleans nuptials were not enough perfection. The family released official pictures from Mama Tina Knowles yacht wedding to actor Richard Lawson in People magazine. The matriarch disclosed that Beyonce, Kelly’s, Solange’s were all, white affairs as well. This is such an amazing concept and looks etherial. Traditionally we think that only the bride should be in white for a wedding, but these fetes have looked so magical. I love! I hope more people pick up on the trend. Everyone looks good in white.

Blue has grown so much! She’s so adorable
Mama T of life! I bet they had “Ring Off” on repeat
Carefree! I love this picture of Solo and Blue Ivy. You can tell they got a special connection.

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