DIY: Colored Hair


For a while now, I’ve wanted to go blue. Initially, I wanted to go grey and then transition to blue, but my hair had another agenda. After I bleached the hair, it would not take the grey. The hair has to reach a blonde level to achieve a gray.  I used L’Oreal Quick Blue Bleach because the hair was taking so long to lighten along with 30 developer. I left it on for thirty minutes in foil wrapped sections and used gloves and a hair dye brush for application. Afterwards, I used Manic Panic Midnight Blue. This brand has so many fun colors already mixed with developer and they’re vegan, so you just add the color to your hair for twenty to thirty minutes.  I loved the way it came out. For some reason about a week later it turned Justine Skye purple on its own. All the supplies I got from Ricky’s Beauty Supply, all of which you can find at a Sally’s as well. I love hair color. I’m excited to do new colors for summer.

It is much easier to achieve even coloring if done before the hair is installed.

Of course I was immediately called Kylie J. Lemme work on my pout.

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