The Cut! NYU Street Style


One evening as I was running late to a class after scrambling to finish an assignment, of course, I got stopped for a street fashion photo for NY Magazine’s the Cut. They used my photo, but as you can see they tagged me as Kimmie. Who’s Kimmie? I had even wrote out my name for the girl. When they posted the NYU Street Style photos, I got a tweet from someone that said ‘is this you?’ because they were confused if I went by another name. The name struggle continues! lol Nevertheless, I’m so glad to be included!

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 6.30.01 PM

My sneaks got a mention in the intro! Thank you to Alexandra, an NYU student and NY Mag intern!

A good pair of boyfriend jeans is a closet staple to get that simplicity look. I got these in a thrift store in Paris in the 4th.  A pair of vintage Levi’s works well for the style. I also love bright sweaters.

IMG_8690 IMG_8691IMG_8695

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