‘Bout a Week Ago


The Shmoney Dance is still so hot! It’s something about that beat that makes you feel like vibing! Denim on Denim, reflective pieces, and no lace sneakers are so in for fall! I’m loving the comfort in these trends. Simplicity is in! Not Basic, never basic lol. I’m feeling the Easy Jeans from American Apparel and a good thrift jean shirt.

IMG_8651IMG_8652These fun take on the sneaker and reflective trend are from ASOS. I get so many comments at my unique shoes. The glasses are reflective as well I got them off eBay. I want a Quay Australia pair. They have super fun styles for medium range prices. Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars rocks them a lot. I love this DVF studded shoulder bag, it’s so convenient. I got this steal from the Woodbury Commons outlet that’s an hour or so outside the City.

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