When in Rome!




I went to Rome for the weekend and it was everything. I stayed in a student hostel, The Yellow, to get the full study-abroad experience. We were in a shared four bunk room. If I did it again I would probably not do it with randoms. I had delicious pizza of course and was in awe of the gorgeous Vatican. We went into Saint Peter’s Basilica which is one of the most awe-inspiring places, I have ever been. It’s a gorgeous place of worship as well as a gorgeous relic. I also saw the Colosseum, I can’t believe how many centuries old it is. It is still in amazing condition. I didn’t have time to venture inside, but we ate at a restaurant on the hill across the street so got great views!DSCF2528

On day 2, we went into the Vatican, which of course is one of the world’s most populous tourist attractions. The architecture, and design of Vatican City is absolutely amazing.  We went to see the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which is the strictest tourist attraction I have ever seen! Speaking volume had to be keep low and absolutely no photos or electronic devices were allowed as you looked up at Da Vinci’s masterpiece. The guards were yelling at tourist for the wrong behavior like trying to sneak photos (don’t even know why people tried)! Everywhere else in the Vatican you can snap pics. I got a lil carried away as you can see. lol The life of a tourist. It’s not like these pics aren’t online.



The Trevi Fountain is amazing and well worth its commercial fame! Its the largest fountain my two eyes have ever seen and so well constructed! I’m gonna like it reminded me of the Lizzie McGuire Movie and When in Rome (Mary-Kate and Ashley film). Roma oh Roma, Truly a world wonder!

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