My Dorm Room

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This is my dorm room! I love adding personal touches to make it unique hence the many initials! I incorporated a lot of elements of Paris and New York into the room! I made the picture board last year  with an inexpensive board, rose petals,and wooden initials i spray painted. This year I decided to make a head board! First pic is what I used! I went to Home Depot and I might add felt incredibly out of place  like Kanye at a Peta convention lol! I went to the wood section and got a worker to help me estimate the size of a twin bed ( I’d recommend taking a measurement!) They use a large cutter to cut it! It was under ten dollars! Then I got a cheap bed foam, 2 yards satin gold fabric, iron on initials, and hot glue! So I cut the foam twice and made it two layers so it’s nice and comfy! Then the slighter hard part attaching the fabric onto the base. Really I should have hand sewed and/or used a staple gun! It would have saved my fingers immense pain lol! I proceeded to tighten the fabric and secure it! I actually couldn’t locate the iron on letters before doing so and ended up having to glue them on after so I’d recommend actually using them for their purpose and ironing them on before! Voila a really fun personal touch that makes a dorm room seem more homey!

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