Olympics Olympics Olympics!!! yay!

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WAhoo the Olympics!! I love the Olympics!!! They have been so exciting so far!!! The opening ceremony that began with industrial revolution was dry… a little weird with the giant baby … a little exaggerated with the Voldemort?  I also thought Sir Paul was pitchy they should have just had like a medley of popular British singers. The US outfit I felt was un-American. It seemed like an air force outfit. I liked that it was Ralph Lauren but it should have been like the US Big Horse Polo and not Amish skirts for the girls and it should not have been made in China (sorry I’m not sorry) I liked the British outfit. I was thrilled to see my cousin Pops Mensah Bonsu who is playing for Great Britian. I included the Sports Illustrated article of the pre gram btw US and GB. I was sad to see Ghana have only 8 actually correction 9 players. Oh Ghana..9 cra….One of the athletes looked like a middle aged woman. I hear they only have two bronze medals for boxing from like the 70s.  I can’t believe the Black Stars didn’t make it. just a few years ago the 17 age group won their championship. The whole only 3 over 23 makes sense so its not a repeat of world cup but still…GH we gotta do betta!

Congrats Michael Phelps on your historic 22 medal total! He really is the Best Olympic Athlete Ever! I’m sad that he’s retiring I wonder what he’ll go on to do now? i hear he has a lady fran!

Snaps! for Lil Miss Gabby Douglas who was the first black to win an individual gold medal in gymnastics and contributed to the team taking home the gold as well! I hate all this black on black hate in regards to her hair. I think she has really pretty natural long hair. Its gelled back and in a simple bun due to the strenuous sport so why all this hate??? Anywhy why people continue to be bitter and not relish in the accomplishments for blacks… Gaby got a post from Beyonce (ahh), Obama, Oprah and manny more and an over a million dollar Kellog’s endorsement! Snaps! Tweet about that from behind your screens!! hehe! Charlamagne from the Breakfast Club gave the haters ‘Donkey of the Day’ well deserved!

BAsketball- I loved the pics of Mama Obama passionately hugging Melo and Kobe! There are so many comparisons between the Basketball team and the Dream team. Melo has done amazing for becoming the highest-scoring-US player ever. At least that takes away some of the light of him not having a Championship (adjusts lamp yes I’m throughin shade! hope he can lead the Knicks!) Why Anthony? why? this Unibrow it’s terrible I’m actually concerned about it! I can’t believe a rookie made it to the Olympics I know Dwade Bosh Dwight and others couldn’t play but what about dare I even say it a Celtic? Someone who has shined in the NBA to get that chance? During the Nigeria Game second half Kobe and Lebron were cracking up having a great time. I’m glad that when they played Lithuania they felt the heat. Maybe Kobe will rethink his ‘We could beat the Dream Team comment’

Speaking of basketball that swimmer making  it world wide attention that Lebron asked her to the dining hall jokingly… really ma’am?! really?!

Its sad to see the cut throat aspect of Olympics. I saw US divers balling as they came in second. I saw US boy gymnasts crying (well they did quite bad) Mr. Announcer held nothing back saying “terrible” and such! It was also sad seeing Russian gymnasts cry for getting their team second…uhh the life of an athlete

I’ve loved seeing athletes instagram and tweet pics. I would love to just walk through to see who I’d spot. I know a girl doing fencing. She took a year off of college to train and even got a tattoo ( a real one unlike the fake ones most athlete’s are rocking) and she’s posted so many fun pics like with Serena and Basketball players.

I saw trampolining. seriously trampolining? why is that a sport lol I don’t know if it was just the Asian gent I was watching but it doesn’t seem all that exciting. He was just doing simple flips. I also don’t get why ping pong is  a sport. I’m sad to see swimming end it was so entertaining from Missy Franklin 16 yr old sensation to the easy on the eyes swim relays with Ryan Lochte, Cullen Jones and others.

I’m excited to see finals in Bball. I want to watch the US play Spain and Mr. Ibaka ;)!

I also look forward to see the closing aren’t Spice Girls supposed to be apart of it?

Congrats SErena on the Gold! Loved the C Walk showing her roots peps thought it was offense though! Let her celebrate!

Olympics are sooo entertaining love them! Its such a unifying event!! That the world can set aside issues and enjoy together!!!

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