That’s me on the left behind Terrance J with the hair tie and orange
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opening 106
carl payne
Last week I went to 106&Park. One of the first things I noticed was that it is no longer filmed at 106th Street and Park! Its filmed at CBS studios. I went on a Monday afternoon for the show to be recorded and aired on Tuesday. I had a great laugh there was a regular named DJ Scooby who seemed to know earthing about the show he even had a binder with pics of the hosts and such. The entire staff at the show knew his name, but didn’t seem to be too excited to see him AGAIN. I think he attends more than once a week. The staff said they put him in the same area every show in a bleacher that doesn’t get camera time. I guess that’s how it is they don’t like you you don’t get seen (Kanye Shrug)…When I was walking up I saw Rosci Diaz walking into the studios. My seat was on the stage so I was right in front of every guest and got to be in camera shot! Tichina Arnold formerly of Martin, Everbody Hates Chris and the new show “Happily Divorced” was there she was so funny. Then Olivia from Love&Hip was there along with her “manager” Rich Dollaz. Her video and song didn’t seem innovative or like moving in the new direction of music. Wonder how her album will do…Ashanti was the next guest. She talked about her new record label and new album “Braveheart.” What I loved was that the whole time her video was playing she was jammin out and singing every word. Her Momager as well! Both her and her mom were really friendly and fun! I caught up on music videos they seem to be not as important anymore. I really liked Cassie’s “King of Hearts” video. The song is going in that new direction of music with a really unique dance beat.
Carl Payne whose on ‘The Game’ and from ‘Martin’ face timed with a Rozay beard and from where I could have sworn was his bathroom. He was quite entertaining and divulged about his character on The Game. At the end of the show the whole MMG came! Wale (swoon! his swag is serious)! Stalley who came to NYU a few weeks ago and I hear was kinda upset about the dismal crowd and who was not in the “Ambition” song or video that they premiered. lol Meek Mills is confusing to me he years in his songs and then has a squeaky voice. and Rozay… well he’s Rozay I’ve encountered him too much. They were girls about to cry at Rick Ross… I don’t see it is the Belly, the UHH,the beard lol let me stop… they decided that they would give away concert tickets to people who lived in NY and of course the guy picking had his back to me and my friends -_- As they left the whole MMG shook our hands. Overall, I really enjoyed the show and seeing what all goes into putting on the production. For over 10 years now 106 has been a platform for music, culture, and positivity for youth.

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