How I’m reclaiming my edges + product review

Braids, cornrow, weaves, and wigs galore are the many protective styles that I frequently wear, but they have subsequently resulted in my thinning edges. This snatching of edges and not in a good way all began in college. From freshman year, I began my natural hair journey and started wearing my hair in protective styles for a majority of the time. Hair has never been my ministry and I’ve got so used to the easy upkeep that they afford me as opposed to wearing my 4C hair out and attempting twist outs.

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A few years into my natural journey so at the end of college, I started to realize my edges with thinning. Since then I began a quest to reclaiming my edges, but I realize continuing what seems to be the culprit- wearing protective styles that cause tension on my precious front hairs still continues as well. It seems that I’ve tried so many things, but not quick to the avail that I’m looking for.

From hair vitamins- grew my hair, but not the edges- to castor to mixed regrowth oils, nothing quite seems to be the right recipe for success.

At the end of last summer, I went to the dermatologist and she told me that she thought I was getting traction alopecia- I rebuke that! Needless to say, I went last Fall without having a braided down style and I kept my hair natural or slicked back with my favorite faux pony attached. While I think the rest period was good for my hair, it didn’t make a major difference. Maybe it wasn’t long enough or my product application wasn’t consistent, but alas my journey continued.

Since quarantine, I’ve been able to give my edges more attention and I’ve been trying new products. From oils to creams, I’m trying all that I can to finally find what works best for me.


Currently , I’m using a follicle enhancer cream by Edge Naturale. This was gifted and I was so excited to try something new that’s made with all natural ingredients.

With its peppermint oil and coconut oil creamy blend, it gives a cooling tingle when applied morning and night which makes me feel like it’s at work. The formula easily melts in so I’m also applying it all over my scalp to inspire more hair growth. I love that I can easily follow up with edge control!

It’s been a few weeks that I’ve been using it and the stimulation has me hopefully that progress will result. I know that it won’t occur overnight.

I’m claiming and affirming my edge regrowth! After a bit more time, I’ll follow up on my journey with Edge Naturale. They have great reviews and I know my success story is a-coming!

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