DIY Personalized Clutch

Personalization is forever a way to make accessories unique to you. The trend of acrylic purses with personalization blew up with luxe brands and today I’m sharing this super simple DIY version to achieve it for the low.

The story behind this DIY is I realized I didn’t have a very important staple, a black clutch in my wardrobe. I turned to Amazon to find a fun clutch, but this could be a way to spice up a clutch that you already have.

For the letters, I ordered a six inch, $3.95 glitter decal sticker from Etsy. These are perfect for easily personalizing. I ordered one for my sister’s wedding gift and realized how simple it is.


A clutch

acrylic clutch

another one $15

Decal sticker

5 minute DIY


1. Wipe the area of the clutch down and confirm placement of the decal on the clutch. ( I made sure to check the clutch dimensions to ensure 6″ decal would fit and used the plain side so I have a two-sided clutch.)

2. Follow the adhesion instructions of the decal.

3. Reinforce placement on the clutch and that’s it!

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