Swimwear on Sale

“Oh, have you looked in the mirror lately?”- Brown Skin Girl from The Lion King:The Gift is my current life soundtrack. Before getting into these looks, I have to knowledge the magic Beyonce created with African artists and how “Afrobeats to the World” is now more true than ever. It warms my heart and can’t believe the sounds and artists hailing from the Motherland are getting mainstream appeal.

Here’s some vacation inspo and I’m linking to these Prettylittlething swimsuits that I wore in Miami.

I’m from Tallahassee so I always love being back in my home state. I went with the fam and got to continue my Birthday celebration.

Because swimsuits are worn for such short amounts of time I believe in buying them on sale.

PLT is great for swimwear, it seems like everyday they have a sale. They currently have 50% off.


Safe to say lime has become one of the loudest trends of the year. I wore this embellished lime top . This underwire style has become quite popular. To save, I paired it with a plain lime bottom that was $7 instead of the matching one. The bottoms would be $5 with the current discount code!

As usual, I topped it with my heart sunnies, they’re clearly my fav.


Animal prints blew up again from head to toe items. I have two pairs of shoes, a bodysuit, and this swimsuit. This snake skin tube bikini top is also now $5 and I paired it with plain black bottoms.

Crochet has also become in again, which fondly reminds me of childhood when I had dresses crocheted with love by family. I love this cover up skirt. I got it on sale for $17.

One of my fav things I’ve bought and one of my fav trends of 2019 are these over sized sun hats because you you gotta stay shady against the sun rays. This one was from Zara and it’s sold out.

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