Black Holiday Outfit

Typically when you think of holiday attire black isn’t the first shade that comes to mind because it’s not merry & bright. By adding vibrant accessories you can still wear your black basics and be festive! 

I came across this holiday oasis in Soho right next to The Real Real store. The vibes were so warm that I bared the cold without my coat. 
Beanies are a must in NYC and I found this pearled one at Zara for $9.99. It would make for a fun DIY but you can’t beat the price, especially for Zara. It adds pizazz to a casual look.
I added these green tassels that are in my Etsy shop. These gold accent heels were $50 gems from Zara last season – you always have to scope out their must-have deals!
The turtleneck bodysuit is from Boohoo for $9.60! The sunnies from Amazon. The jeans are from Fashion Nova.
For added Holiday vibes, I added this red Saint Laurent wristlet. It seems that wristlets are making a comeback. It’s so functional! I got it a few months in London and just realized that I had yet to put it into rotation. If I don’t have something out for me to see I forget to wear it! Shopping tip: for designer things try and get them when you’re abroad so you can get the VAT back.
Here’s another YSL in dark red and on sale. I wish I’d seen this shade and it also comes in velvets.
As much as these chilly holiday vibes are cute, I’m looking forward to my tropical Xmas in Ghana. A majority of the Winter holidays in my life have been spent there and I can’t wait to return to it!

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