DIY Jeweled Swimsuit

It seems that all the glam swimsuits come with glam price tags. Since I can’t bring myself to spend a lot on swimsuits ($40 is my max), I decided to take the DIY route and still achieve that jeweled look for the low low. My sister inspired this idea and gave me this yellow suit that she hadn’t gotten around to wearing. I grabbed some jewels and took 20 minutes and I am loving how it turned out!

Because I was given the suit I only paid for the $1 jewels that I picked up at a bead shop! This is definitely my cheapest DIY to date!


A swimsuit- I would use one you already have or try and come into one like I did!

Craft jewels- You can find in a craft section or on Amazon. I went with tear drop-shaped ones.

Needle and thread


I made a video of the process and it’s up on my Instagram.

Here are the 3 steps:

1. Place all of the jewels of the suit laying flat to get an idea of the positioning that you like.

2. Thread the needle and begin to sew on a jewel. -I must say, you don’t need major hand- sewing skills to achieve this.-

3. Repeat until you fulfill your design.

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