Sheer Dress + Bralette

Lace and sheer, sounds like a néglige, but it’s the makings of this look. 

This dress with rose appliqué is from She In. If you haven’t heard of the brand, She In has become quite popular for inexpensive fashions -think Zara styles for the low low. That being said the pieces are definitely made in China and so it’s great for trendy pieces and less so for staples. You can find bell sleeve blouses for $10! Here is a similar more Fall appropriate version (see pic at the end). 

 I’m all about a transitional closet. To carry this piece into other seasons, I’ll add long sleeve under for colder temps and wear it over a swimsuit in summer. 

For the longest I was looking for a lace bralet and I found this one at Primark. I’m looking forward to incorporating it into other looks. 

Because it is see through on top- momma asked me where I’d be going in this and said a tank under would be more appropriate lol- I wore high waist jeans that I got from Fashionnova. I am still trying to find other places that have jeans with stretch that fit me well. I’m not as thigh-y as I once was, but I still have an issue finding well fitting jeans. 

The in stock option at She In

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