Canadian tux: Wrap top + boyfriend jeans 

Drop top, wrap top! – I know it’s played out, but it got your attention! The style that DVF revolutionized in the dress is making waves in blouses with dramatic sleeves. I got this one from Fashionnova, who knew that they have some good selections besides the jeans. 

To complete this remixed Canadian tux, I paired it with Hayden boyfriend jeans from Topshop. For the longest, I was looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans. *Can’t wait  to hit the Topshop sale to look for another pair. I added this print choker to my Etsy. I’m making thicker ones for more of a statement! 

These golden mules are my favorite. Whoever decided that mules with their thicker heel was in, my flat feet thank you! I can keep my shoes on all night! I love this braided style of the straps. They also come in pink Velvet. 

 I’ve frequently been told that braids is my best hair style. I look forward to doing them to Ghana every year. They do them so well and last two months. My hair grew so much from the protective style. 

I’m so blessed that these pictures came out so well! Thank you to @christy_gggg for snapping me! 

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