White Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is a classic piece.  I love this one from Zara. You can wear it by itself or with shorts under or even a mini skirt on top. It’s also a multi-seasonal look that you can transition it for fall and spring. Effortlessly throw on a leather jacket and thigh high boots for a polished look.  It’s essential to have pieces that you can layer to get the most use out of them.

Scarves are one of my favorite statements. They’re my momma’s signature and I always feel so put together with one on. I love tying silk scarves around like a headband. It can enhance you’re style or deviate from any parts that are falling flat. I got this one in Europe. If you like to thrift you can always find really fun ones.

Embellished slippers are everywhere right now. The glitter and jewel mix on these from ALDO is so fun. The necklace is from Bauble Bar.

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