Dubai-Desert Safari



No trip to Dubai is complete without a trip to the Saraji Desert. There are tons of tours from sand dune riding, to four wheeler  and camel ride excursions to choose from. We went for the sand dune and camel ride excursion. I did this on my first trip to Dubai, but my excitement was still the same. It’s a little bit of a ride outside of the city to the dessert. First, you go on a bumpy sand dune ride in an SUV. The dessert is one of the most gorgeous landscapes that I’ve ever seen- not to mention the sunset! All of these photos were taken with an iPhone and came out so crisp.

Afterwards, we went for the camel ride and then all the excursions meet at a camp for dinner and entertainment. I got henna done-it’s one one of my favorite things. There was performers and a belly dancer. As I looked up, the night sky was one of the clearest I had ever seen.

Sunnites are Quay and outfit from Zara. These are my favorite Zara pants.


Earlier that day:

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