Face Beat!



We got our makeup done by Orlando MUA @mcmua on instagram. I was so excited. She did such an amazing job. i’ve started using the Anastasia Beveryhills Dipbrow Pomade myself, but of course I don’t get them nearly as sleek. She used Makeup Forever liquid foundation mixed with NYX illuminator. I’m currently trying to find what consistency cream, liquid, and brand work best for skin cause it’s so dry.I’m also loving nude lips. I’m obsessed with Limecrime Salem, which is similar to this shade she used on me. It’s matte and goes on liquid and them dries. Its great because normallipstick never stays on for me. If I eat it always ends up on my chin or whipped off. I hear that if you kiss a tissue with powder in it, that can help keep on lipstick. I tried this with like hot powder by mistake. It was Not a good idea at all lol I really liked the lashes she did as well. I’ve only worn them one other time. I definitely want to start wearing them, there’s so many different lengths and styles for more dramatic and natural looks.


The eyebrows are well arched and defined, but still not that drawn on look. Of all the days to take selfies, this was the day lol


That contour tho! I felt so pretty.Makeup is such an art! I really need to dedicate time to getting better at it.

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