MIA Honey


In May when i returned to the states, I went to Miami for #follys21st here are some fun pics! Even though I’m from Florida, I haven’t spent too much time in Miami. It’s crazy how different the North part of the state is from the South!






I wanted to get goddess braids (didn’t figure out the proper name until later) which are large long cornrows as a fun and quick style. What I got instead were smaller, quite tight shorter cornrows braids. During the braiding process the hairstylist complained about the thickness of my hair in French little did she know I understood. #NaturalHairProbs
You gotta work with what you got so I took Advil, rocked a couple fun headbands, and wrapped the ends in a bun!
My blue cutout one piece is from ASOS. The beaded coverup is from Primark. The peach see through middle dress is from Miss Selfridges. Neon shoes are Ninewest. The black crop is from ASOS and the black leather star cutout pencil skirt is from Modelistas boutique. Seen here on Dawn from Danity Kane as well.


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