Lille-Lens Trip


This semester I went on an excursion to Lille-Lens with NYU. This was one of the most sporadic trips I have ever been on. We did so many random things that started with a tour around the classic town Lille, a visit to a movie production studio, and then a visit to a waffle museum. This turned out to not really be a museum, a small corner of the waffle shop was designated as a museum. I could not. We saw in the adjoining kitchen how the waffles are made and we learned the history of “gaufres” and the different types from different regions. These waffles were small yummy circles, filled with sugary fillings. After a taste and demonstration of their creation, we were promoted to buy packs in the store. Immediately after the man gave us to go packets as a gift! Too funny. He wanted to soldify those sales. Those waffles were delish! They are like waiffer cookies.


The corner musée.


After this we went to famous bath house and La Rubaix Pool.  This was an exquisite old fashioned bathing facility from the mid 20th century. It seemed straight out of The Great Gatsby. This facility also had a small musuem as well.


I love was drawn to amazing garden art! I have to admit it made thing of “Michael Jackson’s” Black and White.


The next day we continued on to Lens to see the extension of the Louvre museum. It had an interesting design, like the original parts of the museum is sub street level.  I loved this mosaic. I also enjoyed that the pieces from Rome, to the Middle East were exhibited together, whereas in the Paris Louvre the art is separated by its genre. To end the trip we went to walk around a mountain base.

I love spring!


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