Chick Fila Followup!!!

Earlier I talked about the boycotting of Chick Fila and attempt to remove it from NYU due to news that the company supported anti-gay charities. It was a major deal at NYU because the Chick Fila is the only one in NY.  It was always packed with students and outsiders who weaseled there way in…. -__- There would be protest in which students in chicken suits would run in yelling and handing out forms even after a vote was done and the majority was to keep the establishment on campus…At the time I felt that although NYU is a LGBTQ welcoming environment that has had a very large role in the fight for equality, these angry students should channel this passion to fighting for gay rights outside of the school because not everywhere else is as LGBTQ oriented as the university. Causing a disruption after a vote had been made wasn’t worth it. At the end of the day the students are going to eat the  chicken..

Now that the  COO Dan Cathy has stated after being asked that he believes in the “traditional family” I don’t quite see why people are still wanting to boycott or overly show there support for Chick Fila to take a side on the religious/values sided argument. Why should a man’s opinion of a restaurant that is closed on Sundays (showing the strong religious backing of the chain) shock people and cause such a reaction? He is just one opinion and controls the groups the company supports. BUT this has not prevented LGBTQ people from working there and many have spoken out. Its just a job and he doesn’t represent  individual views. People have disagreeing viewpoints on many issues but still respect each other.Nevertheless this is just food!!! Its not that deep! If you want to eat chicken eat it and leave behind the politics please and thank you!

Here’s one of my favorite people Antoine Dodson to set ya straight!!

I might add on Chick Fila Appreciation Day (pic above) lines were extremely out of the ordinary with  supporters those who just like to eat chicken and those showing their Christian support. I saw someone instagram a picture and say a line of Christians would not be like this at a shelter to help their fellow man but to get some grub and ” to makea statement” there’s this kinda reaction!!!! Flaw!! OH and on the other side homosexuals have been going to Chick Fila and kissing and other forms of demonstrations. FLAW on Both Sides! No matter your preferences or believes we shouldn’t think of making such judgements! Walk by Faith NOt by Sight!*SNAPS!*

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