MIA Victory! All Hail Big 3! Mi boysdem!

The Miami Heat Big Three received the victory their talent merited by taking the 2012 NBA World Championship!!! I’ve always been a MIA fan and a lover of King James! I felt that they grew a lot as players and matured as men which lead to their skill on the court. James faced immense scrutiny that had to humble him, DWade had to prioritize and take a seat to Lebron which he also had to do in regards to carrying for his sons. As For Chris Bosh I think he stepped into a role in which he was really able to shine, the articulate and former Raptor also stepped into a  larger role as a man a husband! SOOO PROUUDD!!!  I would like to get my hands on the Earned Not Given Nike Tee!

That clip of Bosh doucing himself with the champagne absolutely priceless!!!! I can’t it was magical! way too excited!!! Dinosaur porn I heard someone say…..

Loved their tees from their many nights of partying I will say though Lebron’s Vampire tee of himself was a lil weird. I’m not sure about this Team NO Sleep that both Dwayne and Gabby were rocking and I love all those Nike Slogan shirts like Bosh’s!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Oprah Next Chapter Interview which gave a deeper look into the Big Three’s journey together to the Championship! I loved Lebron talking about how he went from being The Chosen One 18 yr old Sports Illustrated cover boy to one of the most hated athletes. He had to go from the highest of highes to lows to become the MVP of Finals Champ he is today. I found Chris Bosh to be a very sincere and inspiring person. I loved learning about his mind. As for DWAde I of course loved his interview the most. He talked about the drama he faced during the finals a messy turn with his custody battle with his ex-wife. I enjoyed hearing him say how when he’s on the court its his time. I like when he said he needed to mature to welcome todays Big 3. He sacrificed a lot to do so and wasn’t capable to do that earlier. I enjoyed him talking about what an inspiration his once 25 yr drug addicted mother had on his life as she transformed herself into the pastor she is today. I loved when Oprah asked what he loved about Gabby Union and instead of simply saying she makes me laugh, he said he loved seeing her helping his son do his homework and not leaving until he understood it. He went on to say that he loved that her love for him went beyond himself. She loved those he loved as well…..absolutely BEAUTIFUL words!!!!! uhhh could I love him more?!

I cannot believe that RAy Allen was so quick to dip from Celtics! BUt then again I don’t blame him who wouldn’t want to be  a Heat player! After all his years as a Celtic hitting those threes as part of the Big Three the-on- our -way -to-retiring-never-in-the-Olympics-“greatest-player-in -the-world”-elder-Big-Three. The famed peripheral player really just said deuces I’m tryna get another ring before I retire  and took a pay cut!! and Rashard Lewis! Errone just luvn the Heat!! but why shouldn’t they? hehe

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