Kimye has been galavanting all over the place from Soho in NYC to the Catwalks of Paris and to ridin around and Idk what in the back seat (those pics with Kanye’s pants down and Kim smirking -__-). Needless to say this is an attention loving couple who even coordinate their outfits in all black and all white ready for photo-ops. Both of them have been wearing out those black leather jeggings (time to retire them). I’m curious to know how long this will last. I like it better than Kimmy Kakes past relationships because she knew him for years before they became official and as she even said her self I’m glad he’s older than her so he’s more mature in the relationship. I have to say I have preferred her no hair extension, minimal makeup, simpler look she’s had since being with Ye. I had a great laugh when Kanye tweeted 

He soon after deleted the tomfoolery. I will say though she looked incredibly awkward at the BET awards she didn’t know whether to kiss him when he went up to receive an award. She also seems to be pushing a relationship with the Carters…I also find the KW earrings she’s been rocking a little much but then I remember its a Kardashian dating Yeezy… I’m curious to know how this all will turn out…

Oh and this hilarious pic of them looks too real!!!!

I can’t with this couple


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