After what seemed like a never ending time I am finally well. Over the holiday break I contracted a horrible virus/ infection of some kind that left me weak, bed ridden for far too long. I had an 18 pound weight different in a few weeks incredibly unhealthy! I will now be getting a shot next time I go to Ghana in addition to the Lariam that I take.I can’t handle that again.

When I started improving I read “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Dr. Paul Farmer made it his mission to cure citizens in third world countries. Just reading his story about how his devotion to his practice encourages me to want to find my calling in life and make my impact on the world. The book really hit home beucase I had always been aware of the illnesses in third world nations. But it wasn’t until I was afflicted myself that I realized how easy it is to contract and really thought about how all are able to afford, in my case the 25 Ghana Cedi, to see a physician or to have access to the facilities. Dr. Paul Farmer inspired me to take action. This semester I joined the FaceAids club at NYU. In the club sells bracelets and Pins made by women of Rwandarera, an association of people living with HIV and their caregivers that partners with FaceAids. With a partnership with Partners in Health 100% of the donations go to providing health care for the maker of the pins and the community. So far we had one event in which we held a screening of “Philadelphia” I had never seen the movie and was incredibly moved by it. I am looking forward to community service opportunities, selling the items, and holding more events to spread word to others to educate and gain more support for the great cause.

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