Anderson Cooper Show

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Last Week I went to Anderson Cooper’s show. It was really entertaining! I feel that Anderson is on e the most famous news reporters of this time. What I like about him his goal to cover news that’s important around the world and to interview those whose stories need to be heard instead of focusing on celebrity culture. When I first got to NY i saw him at Washington Square Park and called out Hi! This was before I was informed about the common rule in NY to not acknowledge celebs lol. The show was about those who have survived near death physical activities and in most cases continue to partake in these activities.I was in the second row because my friend Stephanie had been previously selected to ask a question to a guest! She got the opportunity to during the show! There was a women whose parachute shredded and lucky she didn’t collide with another sky diver and was able to pull her second chute. She said though she’s been on numerous dives since then! There was a group of boys who spend their time doing crazy Jack-Ass impersonating stunts beucase they feel they can become really famous, yet their stunts were not nearly as entertaining and their risking their lives to copy a previous phenom! There was a guy who was snowmobiling a couple of weeks ago and he got trapped under an avalanche for 23 minutes!! He was brought back to consciousness and said he has since been on numerous rides!!! There was a women on who was on a recent flight in which while the plane was preparing for taxi a flight attendant had a breakdown took hold of the intercom and told passengers the plane was going to go down! The saddest story was a young college age girl who would go train hoping and last fall even though she’d done it numerous times something went wrong and both her legs were severed off!! She was so positive in that she was so strong! I agreed with Anderson why go out of your way to do dangerous things and even more importantly after nearly dying why do it again? My look of confusion the whole time?

After this segment Ashley Judd came on. The actress and Harvard Business grad talked about her Indy 500 winning Scottish hubby and new show! Anderson surprised her by bringing out her favorite frozen custard which I am dying to try! They did not supply the audience with! The producer goes “This ain’t Oprah” -__- lol Ashley ate the whole thing! I was surprised! I had a good laugh during most of the segments a lady seemed to be narcoleptic in that she was right behind Anderson as he stood on the stairs and in perfect camera view and continued to fall asleep! With her mouth wide open! Needless to say she was eventually removed!! lol Each audience member was given pom poms because Ashley is a huge Kentucky fan! She and Anderson had a shot off she got 6 he got none lol! I enjoyed that Anderson took time to answer many questions from the audience. He talked about dangerous things such as swimming with great whites and getting beat up in Syria and escaping danger in Haiti and other countries during his news reporting. Such an exciting career! Bringing the word first hand!
During the show the focus was how through videos we can capture so much! I found it funny how he said sometimes people see him out instead of having a conversation with him they just want a pic to show as proof no actual condo! lol That reminds me Before the show began the producer asked if there were exciting people in the audience and a youtube act, a young girl that rapped about Bouncy Houses and Elmo performed for the audience! It was rather quite entertaining. I knew people who went to taping right after mine and they two $50 gift cards one to Olive Garden! Makeup! Goodies galore!!! lol and we got pom poms….double -_- Overall I loved getting to experience once again a major day time show! I love the Columbus Circle backdrop its such an amazing background!
Unfortunately I was at internship and wasn’t able to screen grab pics.

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