What Does It Take to Forgive?

I attended the Ruby Bridges “What Does it Take to Forgive?” event put on by the NYU Veritas-Forum and I was able to take aware way more than I had expected. Instead of having her talk at a podium the event was conducted as an interview. Ruby was interviewed by Eric Metaxas, a noted host and writer. In my writing class our first major assignment was to conduct an oral history interview of this kind in which the interviewee prompts the speaker to divulge about a historical event. The end result can be a riveting recount of history that has historical accuracy that is also enticing to the reader. This I find is because reading a personal story is more entertaining and easier to remember rather than just basic history. An oral history serves as a quality tale and a history lesson. Ruby painted the scene of what it was like as a six year old in Louisana to be the first African American to attend an all white school in 1960. She described vividly recalling the protestors who held a baby coffin with a black doll that haunted her as a child. She also talked about the caring relationship she had with her kindgergaten teacher in their one on one class because all the white kids refused to be in the same class as her. Ruby mentioned meeting recently a man who was one of the protestors, who asked for forgiveness. She said that she is able to forgive them because its the only way she can move on peacefully. She then went on to recount how she struggled to forgive a family member who had assaulted her and the person who murdered her son. She was so inspiring beucase regardless of the adversity that she has encountered in her life she has still remained so positive in her devotion to forgive as a child of God.

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